LSFSC High Test Day

How Tests Work


StarSkaters and Competitive Skaters may advance through the Skate Canada Testing program in several areas:

  • Freeskate
  • Skills
  • Dance
  • Interpretive

It takes many years of hard work to complete all the test levels.

Low and High Tests

Tests are divided into

Low Tests:        

  • Preliminary to Junior Silver Freeskate
  • Preliminary to Junior Silver Skills
  • Preliminary to Senior Bronze Dance
  • All Interpretive 

High Tests: 

  • Senior Silver and Gold Freeskate
  • Senior Silver and Gold Skills
  • Junior Silver,  Senior Silver, Gold and Diamond  Dance: because of partnering availability  and      Judges' qualifications

Test Results

Skaters will know if they passed or need to retry their test(s) by the end of the test day or competition. Coaches will receive the test sheets with the evaluator’s marks and comments shortly after the test day, and will review the sheets with their skaters.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your primary coach.