LSFSC COVID-19 Protocols

LSFSC Skaters will be following all social distancing guidelines that are mandated by Skate Ontario, the municipality and the public health unit.

PHYSICAL DISTANCING Together we can slow the spread of COVID-19 by making a conscious effort to keep a physical distance of 2 meters (2 arm lengths) between each other. Physical distancing is proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of illness during an outbreak. With patience and cooperation, we can all do our part.

What does physical distance mean? This means making changes in your everyday routines in order to minimize close contact with others, including:

Here's how you can practice physical distancing:

Spectators are permitted at the John Rhodes (up to 50 spectators). It is strongly recommended by the facility that spectators be limited to one parent, guardian or other adult for each skater under the age of 18. LSFSC parents/guardians/grandparents are all welcome as long as we do not exceed the numbers permitted by the facility. Anyone accompanying such a skater is expected to follow facility guidelines with respect to physical distancing, must remain at least 2 meters apart, and must wear a mask.

Personal Items

Skaters and coaches may bring their own water bottles, tissue boxes, etc. into the arena during training sessions.

No sharing of these items is permitted. Skaters must have their own closed containers (i.e. Ziploc bag) for disposing of used personal items such as tissues. These must be disposed of at home or in a lidded garbage container in the facility.

Personal Protective Equipment

Coaches may choose to wear a non-medical mask while coaching. 

Any winter gloves that are worn should be washed daily.

Skaters are not required to wear a mask while skating.

Skaters should wash their winter gloves daily.

Everyone entering the rink will be required to wear a mask  entering and exiting only.

All individuals participating in LSFSC activities must complete the Skate Ontario Acknowledgement Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk regarding COVID-19 Waiver as well as the municipality waiver. Failure to do so means that the individual will not be allowed to participate in club skating activity.

Please have your parent/guardian sign the forms and give them to Zahida or a designate upon arrival at the rink. You will not be allowed to go on the ice without turning the forms in. Copies will be available at the rink if you are not able to print them. 

Please note once you have submitted your forms for the upcoming season you will not be required to refill the said forms however, you will be asked the healthcare related questions every day when you arrive at the rink. 

Happy and safe skating! Zahida will be at the rink every day as she is the contact person who will be overseeing the implementation of safety and health guidelines within LSFSC.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Zahida at 705-989-5612 or email

Everyone's safety is of the utmost importance to us and by doing your part you will be ensuring that everyone remains safe and that we are able to continue skating.