Our jackets are high quality Mondor brand jackets that will wash and wear very well. Adult and children sizes are available.

Sizers are available year round at Centre Stage at 551 Queen Street East.

Skaters and parents can attend Centre Stage at any time to try on the various available sizes and options for jackets. Orders should be placed and paid for at Centre Stage. Also several times a year at club events such as our Goul-a-thon, the Gala and Club banquet the club will have available the jackets to view and try on and will take orders on those evenings. A couple of times a year, once sufficient orders have been received, Centre Stage will submit an Order. The Club will retrieve the jackets once the order is filled and will bring them to be embroidered at Stitch King. Embroidery of the jackets is a separate cost and will be collected by the club when the jacket is ready to be delivered to you. 

Car Decals

Car decals are available for purchase for $8. 

Decals will be available for purchase at Club events such as the Goul-a-thon, the Christmas Gala and end of the year Banquet. They can also be purchased at any time throughout the year by request through the club email