SEMINAR #3: Training Strategies with Elvis Stojko and Jumps with Jen Jackson

March 10-11th, 2018

LocationEssar arena - 269 Queen St. E, SSM

Cost: $50/Skater 

Registration Deadline: 


Presenter​ ​Biographies:


Elvis Stojko:

Jen Jackson: A coach for over 29 years, she is a technical specialist and former director of the Riverside SC competitive program. She has coached men and women at all competitive levels and has had podium finishes at Challenge, Canadians and Canada Games. A quote from Jen: “I have been privileged to teach most of these skaters from an early age, most right from Canskate. I have learned over the years the importance of training solid reliable technique from day one. You never know if the athlete whom you are training in Canskate may develop into the next Canadian champion. Treat everyone like it is a possibility.”


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