Our club relies heavily on volunteers who selflessly give their time to run the club on a daily basis and to organize events for the success of the club and its skaters.  Without the help and support of our invaluable volunteers, we would not have a club. 

While the club recognizes that everyone has busy lives, it is the overall expectation that each parent or family participate by contributing 5 hours of volunteer time with the club in some manner throughout the skating season.  A wide variety of volunteering opportunities are available throughout the year.  Some of the current and ongoing opportunities are:

  1. Board positions 6 to 8 meetings per year
  2. Playing music for the skaters and coaches during your son or daughter’s session
  3. Helping out with the planning of various events such as Gala, Ghoul-a-thon… (usually 2-5 hrs of time)
  4. Sitting on the Fundraising Committee or helping with a fundraising event
  5. Taking and organizing pictures at events and sending them to the club
  6. Decorating for an event
  7. Assisting with registration or information sessions for parents

A sign-up sheet is set up on the display case at the beginning of the season to assist families with their decision.