Registration Policies

Terms of Payments

Payments may be made in full at time of registration or installments through on-line payment system available on the website. Installment payment schedule is set up as automatic withdrawals based on the schedule agreed to by the Board of Directors. The installment payment program is available to all members registered in any of the LSFSC programs. First payment is due at registration. 

For liability reasons, skaters will NOT be permitted on the ice prior to registration and payment.

Any skater, who during the course of the season moves to another level, will be required to pay a pro-rated fee determined by the Registration Chair.

Canadian Funds accepted only. The LSFSC is not able to accept US cheques.

The Family Plan discount applies to three or more skaters. A discount of 50% will be taken off the lowest registration rate for the third and each subsequent child. 

Skate Canada Fees

Each skater who registers with the LSFSC is required to pay an annual non-refundable Skate Canada membership fee of $40.00 for Skate Canada membership & insurance. This fee covers all programs which fall within the current skating year running from August to August.  This entitles you to a Skate Canada membership number which gives you access to the Members Only section of the Skate Canada web site


All skaters registered in the STARSkate program (Jr. Star, Intermediate and Senior levels) are required to participate in all of our fundraising efforts. A mandatory skater fee of $100.00 will be added to your registration invoice (See administration for more information). 

NSF Policy

A service fee for $25 will be applied to all NSF payments. In addition, LSFSC will require all outstanding payments for the season including but not limited to test fees, competition fees and registration fees to be paid by way of cash, certified bank cheque or money order only.  No exceptions.  A skater who is not in good standing with the club will not be allowed access to ice and programming until all monies owed are collected. 

Refund Policy

All requests for refund must be made in writing to the LSFSC by way of mail or email and will only be given up to the first four weeks of skating.  All written requests for refunds must be made within 7 days of the skater’s last day on ice.   

After the first 4 weeks of skating, fees will only be refunded with a medical note from a doctor for injury or physical illness that will prevent the skater from participating for the remainder of the year.

Any exceptional circumstances such as a relocation of family to another town or compassionate reasons must be requested by way of letter (mail or email) to the LSFSC board. The letter will be presented at the next scheduled Board meeting and must gain approval by Board majority for refund.

All refunds will be processed less an administration fee of $25.00 and the non-refundable $40.00 Skate Canada Registration fee. All refunds are prorated and will be determined by the Treasurer based on how many sessions are remaining. STARSkate level refunds will be made on a prorated basis commencing on the next full month following the request.

Ice Cancelation Policy

The Club reserves the right to change, cancel or reschedule any sessions, depending on the number of registrants.

There are occasions when the club must make changes to the schedule. Changes to the schedule will be posted on the website and communicated by at least one of the following methods: the clubs’ social media, email or posted in the display case at the arena. It is the responsibility of the skater to frequently check the schedule on the website for changes

Should ice be cancelled by the City of Sault Ste. Marie due to scheduling conflict, the LSFSC is not responsible to replace such ice time lost. 

Should a session be cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen reasons, the LSFSC is not responsible to replace such ice time lost.

Refunds will not be provided for changed, missed, or cancelled sessions.

Registration Package Pricing

Programs are not priced on an hourly rate, the prices are based on averages and priced competitively to provide the best program for our members while covering associated costs.

For part-time registration packages: packages are priced so that skaters may skate up to 4 hours per week. There may be weeks during the season when there are not four hours of ice available in the scheduled practices. These weeks are taken into account and have already been pre-calculated into the price of the program. The days/hours that are missed due to club cancellations and holidays that are posted by the club cannot be absorbed into the following or proceeding week. 

For part-time registration packages: If a skater misses sessions due to illness, travel or other reasons or if a skater for any reason is skating a number of hours under the maximum of four hours, the hours that are missed can be absorbed ONLY within one week (7days) immediately proceeding or prior to the missed session. Missed hours or unused hours cannot be accumulated and distributed at other times in the year.

For full-time registration packages: no refunds will be provided for missed sessions due to illness, travel, cancellations or holidays.

Registration packages offered for the STARSkate Intermediate and Senior level program may include sessions of group instruction which will be denoted as such on the posted calendar. Group sessions over 15 minutes will focus on jumps, spins and/or field moves.  Group sessions at 15 minutes will generally involve stroking only. These group sessions are priced into the registration fees.

Any off-ice programming is a cost separate from the registration packages with the exception of summer session which includes an off-ice component.

All fees for testing and competitions are costs separate from the registration packages.

All fees for private lesson coaching are costs separate from the registration packages and will be billed directly by coaches and must be paid directly to coaches in a timely manner. A coach who is not being paid in a timely manner can make a written complaint to the LSFSC Board. In such cases, the matter will be addressed at the next scheduled board meeting and the board can revoke or suspend membership and restrict access to ice time.