Change Room Policy

The aim of this policy is to provide coaches, board members, parents and skaters, or any other person associated with the LSFSC, with guidance regarding conduct in and around change rooms as well as changing protocol with regard to the changing of their attire.

While this list is not exhaustive, it will serve as a basic guide and will be reviewed annually. The policy may be subject to immediate change to reflect a change in the constitution or particular circumstances that may arise.

The Lake Superior Figure Skating club recognizes the value in supporting a team spirit, inclusive environment both on and off the ice.

  1.  All change rooms are designated as co-ed.  Therefore, skaters are only to be changing footwear in the change rooms.  Skaters needing to change outfits are expected to use the privacy of the washrooms in the facility. It is understood that there are times where male or female parents/chaperones may need to enter the change rooms to assist younger skaters.
  2. Children and Youth in the CanSkate, PowerSkate, Jr Star and Intermediate program must be supervised at all times and are the responsibility of their parent(s) within change rooms and/or around the arena. 
  3. Dressing rooms should be exited in a timely fashion after each session and are to be left clean. 
  4. Dressing rooms should be entered cautiously to ensure hockey teams and other ice users have exited the change room.  Parents should review proper etiquette and procedures for entering a dressing room as hockey teams will often change after a practice.  Knock first, open door slightly and ask if anyone is in the change room before entering.
  5. Bullying and inappropriate behavior and language within the dressing room area will not be tolerated.
  6. Respect other skater’s belongings.  Do not move another skater’s personal items to sit in a certain spot.
  7. Lake Superior Figure Skating Club is not responsible for any valuables that are lost or stolen from the dressing room area. 


 *Passed by LSFSC Board of Directors on January 8, 2015